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Even the aromatic, clear air of the Tirol Paznaun region is refreshing and invigorates you – in summer as well as winter. Sun, sport and contemporary cuisine in the Ischglerhof have a part to play in making sure you return from your holiday in Tirol back to your everyday life visibly refreshed and rejuvenated.

We recommend – after a long ski, hike or trip on the mountain bike when you want to really relax, our massages are just the thing you need. Switch off and let go.

You will see that during your Tirol holiday in our 4-star superior hotel in Ischgl you really will be reinvigorated. That is pure wellness.


Full body massage 50 Min. € 66,00
This classic massage ranks among the most important natural healing methods. It has a highly relaxing effect by fighting against varied complaints at the same time. One-sided muscular overload, lack of physical exercise and postural defects can cause tension and muscle deficiencies.
Partial massage 25 Min. € 38,00
Ideal to enhance blood circulation and metabolism by supporting the entire body‘s regeneration. Loosens sore and strained muscles, easing tenseness and aches in everyday life. Thus perfect relaxation for the back, legs and arms is almost guaranteed.
Face and head massage 25 Min. € 40,00
A gentle massage of the head and neck region with arnica tonic. To refill your energies and to solve blockages and tension.
Foot massage 25 Min. € 38,00
A soothing massage to take some of your tension in the feet after a long day or strenuous activity.
with following footbath € 48,00
While warm footbaths are ideal to warm up your cold feet in wintertime, we also offer cooling footbaths for the summer season.
Anti stress massage 40 Min. € 50,00
Is a massage to help with stress, tension, nervousness and headaches.
Anti cellulite massage 40 Min. € 50,00
Is characterized by elimination of cellulites; it helps to bring relief to the lower limbs and in combination with other treatments, supports shaping the body.
Chrystal sport massage 50 Min. € 66,00
If you suffer from strained and sore muscles maybe you simply need a bit more than just a massage? Individual full-body treatment with essential oils, depending on your body‘s strained areas.
Chrystal lower leg massage 25 Min. € 48,00
Very pleasant and soothing lower leg massage followed by the application of arnica leg compresses. Recommendable treatment after sporty hours outside.
Chrystal mountain massage 50 Min. € 66,00
To loosen the muscles, improve blood circulation and relieve tension. Adjusted to your most stressed body part, after a long day in the mountains.


Chrystal honey peeling massage with Alpine Crystal Salt 40 Min. € 50,00
Very calming and nourishing effects on your skin. Honey provides the skin with valuable vitamins and mineral nutrients. Peeling massage followed by a pleasant honey bath with stone pine extract.
Swiss Pine vitality massage 50 Min. € 90,00
A treatment to improve the blood circulation of the whole body and loosens tensions and blockades, with use of warm, different sized rods made of swiss pine.
Herbal stamps massage
Partial body treatment back and legs 50 Min. € 80,00
Full body treatment 80 Min. € 110,00
A gentle foot massage with St. John‘s wort cream is a perfect opportunity to recall the adventures of a splendid day: this is the best way to indulge in a whole new world of deep relaxation. Followed by a relaxing massage with St. John‘s wort massage milk and steam-heated herbal stamps.

A both refreshing and revitalizing foot massage with arnica cream makes it easy to forget the exhaustion of a sporty day on the ski slopes. Within a very short time you feel fit and energized. Followed by a holistic vitality massage with arnica massage milk and steam-heated herbal stamps.
Hot stone massage 50 Min. € 69,00
This massage involves hot and cold stones and is known as a natural shaman therapy that reduces stress symptoms. The experience is energetically balancing, calming and focusing on the mind.
Salt stone massage 50 Min. € 105,00
A relaxing natural salt peeling with arnica, honey-swiss pine or St. John‘s wort & Biopir helps to cleanse and care your skin. The treatment is followed by a salt stone massage applied with exclusive salt crystals. Truly memorable moments await you.


Abhyanga (Ayurveda massage) 90 Min. € 95,00
The body is coated in warm oil to create a feeling of comfort and promote good sleep and healthy skin. Restlessness and sleep disorders are soothed, inner tensions are settled and a new feeling of complete well-being emerges.
Pad-Abhyanga (Ayurveda massage) 50 Min. € 64,00
This soothing foot and leg massage has a positive impact on the whole body via the zones of the feet. It promotes the circulation of the fine flows of energy and leads to a state of deep relaxation. Please do not choose this treatment if you have an inflammation of the venous or lymphatic systems or any disorders of the feet.
Pristh-Abhyanga (Ayurveda massage) 60 Min. € 69,00
The Ayurvedic back massage is a very soft massage with warm oils to losen blockades in the spine.
Lomi Lomi Nui 50 Min. € 119,00
Traditional hawaiian body treatment and the queen of massages. Flowing movements in rythm of breathing and music makes time stand still.
Sound massage 50 Min. € 74,00
The goal of treatment is to harmonize the flow of energy in the body, through our water metabolism.


Body packs 25 Min. € 45,00
Marmot oil, gentian root, wool wax, spelt flour and olive oil activate blood circulation, loosen tensions and cramped muscles.

Spelt flour, olive oil and birch leaves combined with juniper and orange oil help to detoxify, purify and drain your body. Strengthening effect on the muscular tissue.

Barm biotin, St. John‘s wort extract, wool wax, rose geranium, muscatel sage and olive oil regenerate the body‘s cells and skin texture - reducing cellulite and preventing stretch marks in pregnancy.

The soothing alpine herbs and moor peat pack enhances your overall well-being. It strengthens your body and has highly relaxing effects at the same time. Spelt is known for its high concentration of mineral nutrients and vitamins while exclusive silicic acid intensifies blood circulation and metabolism. Very recommendable treatment prior to a massage.

Hay has a calming effect and is very good for sleep disorder, but also for throat compains and symptoms in renal-coccyx area.
Body peeling 25 Min. € 35,00
Arnica, honey-swiss pine or St. John‘s wort & Biopir.

Alpine crystal vitality salt, alpine crystal regeneration & Anti-Aging salt.
Salt compresses 50 Min. € 65,00
Pamper your skin while you purify your body and create yourself the groundwork for a effective cellulite treatment.

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