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Just the clear air itself in the Tyrolean Paznaun region refreshes and invigorates you – both in summer and winter. Sunshine, sports and the contemporary cuisine at the Ischglerhof do the rest, so that you go back home visibly restored and rejuvenated from your holiday in the Tyrol.

Our recommendation: if you wish to relax after a strenuous day filled with skiing, hiking or mountain biking, our massages are just the thing for you. So, switch off and let your worries simply float away!

The classic massage is the best known and most widely used massage technique in the Western world. As a classic naturopathic treatment, its area of application ranges from providing a generally relaxing effect to the specific treatment of many physical ailments.

Partial massage | legs                                 25 min | € 49
Partial massage | bach                                25 min | € 49
Full body massage                                      50 min | € 79

The reflex zones on the feet represent the entire body with all its organs and body parts – comparable to a map. Reflex zones project internal organs on the body surface.

25 min | € 49
50 min | € 79

The pleasant effect of lymphatic drainage relies on the relaying of tissue fluid via the lymphatic vessels. This sequence of gentle hand movements promotes the draining of lymph fluid and filtering effect of the lymph nodes.

face            25 min | € 49
body           50 min | € 79

This massage is one of the oldest forms of treatment in traditional Chinese medicine.
Acupressure points are pressed with the hands and meridian courses are brushed to release blockages and balance the flow of energy.

25 min | € 49
50 min | € 79

This treatment is a gentle, effective and non-invasive massage method and part of osteopathy. It gives the body the chance to free itself from pain and blockages.

70 min | € 125

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