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Just the clear air itself in the Tyrolean Paznaun region refreshes and invigorates you – both in summer and winter. Sunshine, sports and the contemporary cuisine at the Ischglerhof do the rest, so that you go back home visibly restored and rejuvenated from your holiday in the Tyrol.

Our recommendation: if you wish to relax after a strenuous day filled with skiing, hiking or mountain biking, our massages and treatments are just the thing for you. So, switch off and let your worries simply float away!

Classic massages

Individually adjusted to the most stressed and strained parts of your body, the classic full body massage ensures maximum relaxation.

Your back, shoulders/neck, arms, legs or feet will feel wonderfully relaxed as a result of this treatment.

Feel like getting away from it all? Leaving the world behind and at the same time topping up your radiance and energy levels? Then this facial and scalp massage is the right treatment for you.

A foot massage is soothing and relaxing, especially after very long days, sporting activities and trips.

With this massage tension in the shoulder and neck area get released. The additional application of heat promotes blood flow to the muscles, which has a deep relaxing effect on the entire nervous system. The experience will make you feel like all burdens being lifted from your shoulders.

You’re suffering from strained and sore muscles? For you we offer an individual full-body treatment, targeting your bodys strained and tense areas.

With this head to toe massage, we have plenty of time to care for your whole body so that you get back that relaxed feeling you want on holiday!

This massage offers a perfect combination of a back and foot massage. The focus is in reducing tensions in the back and activatin the entire organism.

For each classic massage you are welcome to choose a special massage oil with all kinds of active ingredients instead of our standard almond oil:

+ marmot oil
+ arnica massage milk
+ alpine herbs massage milk
+ Swiss pine-arnica massage milk

Nature gives us everything we need to stay healthy and feel good. That is why we only use feel-good products which consist solely of naturally active ingredients from our Alpine region.

Feel-good treatments

Has a soothing and very caring effect on the skin. Your metabolism is activated, your blood circulation is strengthened, and your connective tissue is improved. Honey provides the skin with valuable vitamins and minerals.

We use additionally heated pine sticks of different lengths and different diameters. This leads to an improvement of blood circulation and promotes the flow of energy throughout the body. Additionally, a swiss pine massage milk is used for a high level of relaxation.

This massage immerses you in a deep world of relaxation with the help of additionally used, steam-heated, herb stamps.

This massage immerses you in a deep world of relaxation with the help of additionally used, steam-heated, herb stamps.

The massage is a rediscovered natural therapy practiced by the shamans. This extraordinary treatment helps to reduce stress. It has an extremely gentle and deeply relaxing effect.

The Hawaiian temple massage can only be described as a very special and unique body experience. A great deal of warm oil is used to ensure that the palms and forearms of the Lomi Lomi masseur can glide smoothly over your body. The massage addresses the whole body by dissolving the blockages in your core and treating the psyche in a natural and gentle way.

This treatment offers a very effective and profound method of detoxification. At first you get an organic treatment releases the body of ballast, supplies new energy and regenerates the body. This Detox is an intensive revitalising treatment for sluggish systems and the ultimate kick for every health programme.

Body treatments

… your sense of well-being is significantly enhanced, and the body is strengthened, refreshed and relaxed in equal measure. This treatment intensifies the circulation and stimulates the metabolism.

…this bodypack offers a draining, circulatory and warming effect along with also activating your metabolism.

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