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Just the clear air itself in the Tyrolean Paznaun region refreshes and invigorates you – both in summer and winter. Sunshine, sports and the contemporary cuisine at the Ischglerhof do the rest, so that you go back home visibly restored and rejuvenated from your holiday in the Tyrol.

Our recommendation: if you wish to relax after a strenuous day filled with skiing, hiking or mountain biking, our massages are just the thing for you. So, switch off and let your worries simply float away!

The classic massage is the best known and most widely used massage technique in the Western world. As a classic naturopathic treatment, its area of application ranges from providing a generally relaxing effect to the specific treatment of many physical ailments.

Partial massage | legs                                 25 min | € 49
Partial massage | back                                25 min | € 49
Full body massage                                      50 min | € 82

This massage concentrates on treating the head, face, arms and hands to reduce/fight stress. Targeted to treat light headaches and help reduce over stimulation of the nervous system the treatment consists of a combination of various massage techniques such as classic massages and connective tissue massage.

40 min | € 68

With this massage tension in the shoulder and neck area get released. The experience will make you feel like all burdens being lifted from your shoulders.

40 min | € 68

You’re suffering from strained and sore muscles? For you we offer an individual full-body treatment, targeting your body’s strained and tens areas.

50 min | € 82

Combination of back and reflexology foot massage. This special “duo” supports your muscles as well as your entire body. You feel free, flexible and vital!

50 min | € 82

from head to toe – large full body massage
This is the ultimate relaxation therapy. The massage not only relieves painful muscle cramps, but also assists mental relaxation. By treating yourself to a full-body massage you receive new enjoyment of life – full of energy and vitality.

80 min | € 118

The reflex zones on the feet represent the entire body with all its organs and body parts – comparable to a map. Reflex zones project internal organs on the body surface.

25 min | € 49
50 min | € 82

The pleasant effect of lymphatic drainage relies on the relaying of tissue fluid via the lymphatic vessels. This sequence of gentle hand movements promotes the draining of lymph fluid and filtering effect of the lymph nodes.

face            25 min | € 49
body           50 min | € 82

The valuable ingredients of seaweed nourish the skin and stimulate cell metabolism and blood circulation.

50 min | € 68

The skin is cleansed deep into the pores and the complexion is clarified. A ritual of calm and cleansing for velvety soft, smooth skin.

30 min | € 48

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